You can’t believe everything you read.

Misinformation and hyperpartisan bias is running rampant online, leading to divisiveness and creating echo chambers. Social networks, for fear of user backlash, have refused to put an editorial system in place to validate content. While it’s easy to debunk fake news, the majority of misinformation is more nuanced, and can easily deceive even the most discerning reader.

Introducing Antiviral

Antiviral provides timely and detailed context to users in the form of objective content summaries and relevant primary sources, regardless of what site they’re on.

How It Works

Antiviral uses a unique system of community-driven submissions, thorough research, and peer review to provide the proper context to viral content. Here’s our current process:

  1. Stumble upon some content that seems off or doesn’t tell the whole story? Use the Antiviral browser extension to submit it for review.
  2. One of our Antiviral team members will review the content and put together an Antiviral Report Antiviral Report, including a detailed contextual overview and links to primary sources.
  3. The completed Antiviral Report will be sent back to Antiviral Team for peer review to ensure objectivity.
  4. Once it’s approved, the Antiviral Report will then be pushed to all users via the browser extension.
  5. Now when any Antiviral user views the content, the browser extension will actively notify them of the content’s Antiviral Report, regardless of what site they’re on.

Check out a sample Antiviral Report here!

The Antiviral Browser Extension

Our browser extension will soon be available to everyone.* The Antiviral browser extension enables users to:

  • Submit content for validation by the Antiviral Team.
  • Receive alerts when viewing reviewed content anywhere online.
  • Read Antiviral Reports that provide context and links to primary sources.

* Well, just everyone who uses Chrome for Desktop for now.

Help Wanted

We’re looking for a few great volunteers to help us combat the plague of misinformation with the power of context. Think you’ve got what it takes? Great, we need the help! We won’t pay you, but you’d be fighting the good fight.

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