Fake News: Liberals Can’t Stop Sharing This False Meme About Trump, Obama, and Church

Source Article: Town Hall

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References: Matt McDermott’s Tweet, Associated Press, NBC 2 South Florida

Early Easter Sunday morning, Democratic political analyst Matt McDermott took to Twitter comparing the religious devotion of President Obama to President Trump’s. He alleges that while Obama attended church every Easter while in office, Trump had not attended church since inauguration. It is important to note that he made no accusations of Trump’s Easter service attendance.

Source: Matt McDermott’s Tweet

At the time of the tweet, 8:39 AM Sunday morning, this was accurate. During his inauguration weekend, Trump attended a private service at St. John’s Church, near the White House, and the national prayer service at Washington National Cathedral. He has not attended church since. There is speculation that Washington churches are too liberal for Trump.

“Churches in D.C. tend, not all, but tend to be a little more liberal. It’s a hard sell,” said the Rev. Roger Gench, the senior pastor at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church near the White House. He said his church has not reached out to Trump, though all are welcome.

“The policies of Trump are counter to the views of most of the people in the church,” he said.

Source: Associated Press

Two hours after the tweet was posted, Trump attended Easter service at Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea near his Mar-a-lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida.

Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham says Trump is expected to return to Mar-a-Lago after the service to join the rest of his family for annual Easter festivities, including a brunch and an Easter egg hunt.

Trump has been attending the Episcopal church for years and he and the first lady were married there.

Source: NBC 2 South Florida

While the tweet was accurate at the time of posting, the comparison of Obama’s Easter attendance to Trump’s weekly attendance is highly misleading. This deceiving framing has led to many false claims that Trump did not attend Easter service.