NYPD Takes Rutgers Professor For Psych Evaluation Because Of Political Tweet

Source Article: Gothamist

Red Flags: Unrealistic Premise

References: Kevin Allred’s Tweets, Rutgers Statement to NJ.com, NYPD Statement to BuzzFeed News

This actually did happen, though there seems to be some inconsistency as to why it occurred.The Rutgers Professor Kevin Allred maintains that he was taken into custody due to policing of his political statements on Twitter. He is extremely vocal about his political views on social media.

NYPD just came to my house bc Rutgers Police told them i’m a threat based on political statements i’ve made on campus and on twitter.

Source: Kevin Allred on Twitter

The Rutgers University Police Department’s official statement is that they were acting based on a complaint from a student on campus and provided no further information

“The Rutgers University Police Department responded to a complaint from a student and took all appropriate action. We have no further comment,” Rutgers spokesman E.J. Miranda said.

Source: NJ.com

The NYPD stated that a wellness check was requested by Rutgers Police based on his tweets about killing white people and comments made in his classroom. We cannot determine what was said in the classroom. Allred did actually Tweet about killing white people, in a now-deleted tweet, which he claims to have been made in a rhetorical context.

“Rutgers police contacted the 94 Precinct and requested a wellness check be conducted on the professor based on comments he made in the classroom and on Twitter about killing white people,” police said in a statement. “Based on these comments he was transported to Bellevue Hospital for psychological evaluation.”

Source: BuzzFeed News

Allred has been in direct contact with BuzzFeed News since the incident, and is insistent that the issue was a misunderstanding due to lack of context surrounding his provocative rhetoric.

In a message to BuzzFeed News, Allred admitted that the tweet “was incendiary/provocative for sure, but in my opinion not a threat and it was in the context of a whole bunch of tweets about the election and the issues raised in it meant to show people’s reasons as holding double standards.”

He added that “obviously it’s Twitter so it was curt and meant to provoke for a purpose. and then it got singled out.”

Source: BuzzFeed News